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Welcome to the Virtual Lounge!

Hey buds. We're glad you made it here. We're sure by now you're wondering what this place is. Here are a few useful answers to some common questions about The Roaring 420s Lounge:

About the Cannabis Club

The Roaring 420s Lounge is a private membership association for cannabis enthusiasts. We offer a safe and inclusive space to enjoy cannabis, whether you use it for medical or recreational purposes.

Our volunteers offer free samples of cannabis products from local producers. We pay to test all products for safety, potency, and terpene profile before they are shared with our members. We also collect feedback from our members on the products they try. This feedback helps us to improve the quality of the products we offer and to better understand the needs of our members.

In addition to free samples, we also offer market research studies to our members. These studies allow our members to share their thoughts on a variety of cannabis-related topics, such as product development, marketing, and branding.

We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of our members. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy cannabis in a responsible and legal way.

This blog is a place for us to share news and information about the cannabis industry, the Roaring 420s Lounge, and the cannabis community. We will also be sharing stories from our members about their experiences with cannabis.

We hope you will join us and become part of our community.

The Legal Question

The marijuana regulation and taxation act (MRTA) provides for an exception to the New York state clean indoor act for private membership associations for which all duties with respect to the association are performed by member volunteers who are not compensated in any fashion for those duties. What this means is that as an exclusively member volunteer-run non-profit private membership association dedicated to cannabis consumer education and safe consumption, The Roaring 420s Lounge has the right to consume cannabis indoors.

As for serving it, in short The Roaring 420s Lounge does not. When members donate cannabis products to the lounge, the lounge is unable to accept those donations because there are no clauses in the MRTA that allow a business to possess cannabis products without a license.

Thankfully our devoted volunteer members accept them personally instead and take them into their personal possession. They deliver samples of them to our state-certified testing laboratory partners for testing to confirm they are safe, which our equally devoted non-volunteer members pay for by paying for utilization of the club's lounge space. Once confirmed safe, the volunteer who could just as easily keep all that free amazing cannabis instead give those free cannabis products away equally freely to their fellow members onsite. It is really that simple. We are a community of people dedicated to consuming safe, tested products safely, and we work very hard to follow the law.

About the Market Research Company

The Roaring 420s Lounge was founded by a for-profit entity, The Roaring 4:20s Lounge, LLC. We are a market research company based in Cheektowaga NY that specializes in cannabis research and development. We are a team of cannabis experts and software developers who are passionate about cannabis and its potential benefits, and equally passionate about bringing big data and analytics to the small businesses that we hope will make up New York's competitive and comprehensive cannabis market.

We use our research to build software and deliver data that helps cannabis businesses develop new products, improve their marketing, and better understand their customers. We also use our research to educate the public about cannabis and its potential benefits.

We are committed to conducting high-quality research and development that is accurate, unbiased, and accessible to everyone.

About the Cannabis Community

The cannabis community is a diverse group of people who are united by their love of cannabis. We come from all walks of life and have different reasons for using cannabis.

We are a community of acceptance and support. We believe that everyone should have the right to use cannabis in a safe and legal way.

We are committed to educating the public about cannabis and its potential benefits. We also work to advocate for the legalization of cannabis and the rights of cannabis users.

We are a growing community, and we welcome everyone to join us.

We hope to see you soon!

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