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Booking The Lounge

Looking for a 420-friendly environment to host your next educational event, club meetup, birthday, or other 21+ group celebration? Reserve space at The Roaring 420s Lounge today for the MOST elevating party experience around!


Mon, Wed-Thurs $150/hr 2 HOUR MINIMUM

Fri, Sat, Sun $150/hr 4 HOUR MINIMUM (5-9pm or 9pm to 1am)

Looking to rent during our off-hours? Contact us for a custom quote!


$200 non-refundable deposit due at time of booking, balance due by host sign in on day of booked event.


Host and all guests are required to create a free membership account for access to site (which can be done prior to arrival at )

NO guests under the age of 21 are permitted for any reason, and all members MUST present valid ID upon sign in.

No alcohol permitted on site. Guests violating this policy will be asked to leave immediately.

DIscounted Entry for Groups

Discounted Daily Membership cost for ALL your guests in one easy transaction when you book ahead of time!

Priority Seating

Never worry about crowding; your reservation includes guaranteed table space for your party!

Additional Services

Power? Got it. Beats? You bet. Customize your lounge experience with catering, music and more! 

Booking Requests
Other club amenities required:

Thank you! Your request has been submitted. We will be in touch soon.

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