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How do Lounge Vendors Work?

What is this place?

The Roaring 420s Lounge is a private membership association of cannabis consumers that provides a safe and welcoming space for cannabis users. Its membership is over 4,000 strong and growing every day. The lounge also offers educational programs and events about cannabis. Any member of the lounge, vendor or consumer, can provide their products to the volunteer budtenders of The Roaring 420s Lounge, have them sampled by the members of that association who love to provide feedback, and have the cost of research and development testing covered!

How to become a vendor partner

To have your products sampled at The Roaring 420s Lounge, you can contact the lounge by email ( or Instagram (theroaring420slounge). You will need to provide the lounge with information about your products, such as the product name, type, and the expiration date. You will also need to meet the lounge's minimum donation quantities, which are subject to change and will be communicated during the vendor intake process.

Benefits of being a vendor partner

There are many benefits to being a vendor partner of The Roaring 420s Lounge. Sampled products help to support the lounge's mission to bring big data about cannabis consumption to the small businesses that need it by allowing for a varied array of sample data. It helps you too, our over 4,000 active cannabis consuming members come from all walks of life and all share two things - a love of the plant and a desire to share that love with others. They'll be more than your customers, they'll be your community and advocates.

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